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Things to Do in San Saba and Other Activities

  San Saba is a beautiful city with a rich history located in the heart of Texas.

For those visiting or looking to have fun, here's a quick list of things to see while in town.

1) Wedding Oak Winery (316 E Wallace St.)

Wedding Oak Winery is home to a variety of local wines sourced from locally grown grapes.

Taste some great varietals and learn all about the local history in one of San Saba's most scenic locations.


2) Mill Pond Park (S Thomas Stewart Drive)

This picturesque waterfall at the Mill Pond Park creates an atmosphere of calm and provides relaxation for locals and visitors alike. The year round greenery and peaceful atmosphere combine to create a memorable experience, and is an ideal location for a cozy picnic.


3) The Regency Suspension Bridge (18 Miles W of Goldthwaite)

This architectural wonder is a must see for any visitor to the San Saba area. Take a leisurely stroll over the bridge while enjoy scenic views of the river below.


4) San Saba River Golf Course (723 County Road 102)

A round of golf with family and friends can be a wonderful way to relax and have a bit of fun.

This golf course is well-maintained, well-located, and a lovely sight in the spring and summer months. It is one of the most popular golf course in all of Texas.


5) San Saba Olive Oil Company (207 E Wallace St)

Most visitors will head towards the wine tasting at Wedding Oak Winery, but San Saba Olive Oil Company is an exotic look at olive oil in all its glorious charm. The complimentary olive oil tasting features oil from local olive groves.


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